Thursday, 26 April 2007

MicroWorld releases free AntiVirus utility for Vista

The leading AntiVirus AntiSpam and Content Security solution provider MicroWorld Technologies today released a new version of their one click AntiVirus Utility - MWAV, compatible with Windows Vista as well as 64 bit Operating Systems.

“On one hand, Windows Vista attempts to tighten protection against Virus and other intruders, but on the other, it does throw some challenges for security firms in providing in-depth security for computers running on this Operating System,” said Govind Rammurthy, CEO of MicroWorld Technologies on the occasion of the launch. “Now, with this new version of MWAV, users can comprehensively scan and clean their Vista machines of all sorts of malicious programs”.

The PatchGuard feature in 64 bit mode of Windows Vista that restricts external access to the kernel and the compulsory digital signature for modules at kernel level, are some of hurdles that Windows Vista poses for Security Firms in providing advanced protection for end users. However, MicroWorld will soon release Vista compatible versions of its range of all AntiVirus, Content Security and Firewall products.

The new MWAV Toolkit provides an all out security scan for Information Systems by detecting and cleaning 52 different types of malware, ranging from Virus, Worm, Trojan and Rootkit, to Nuker, Porn Dialer, Adware and Spyware. With its ability to sniff out any program that’s suspicious or risky in nature, one can be sure that all harmful programs are flushed out of the computer by running the utility.

“We are currently offering ‘MWAV Scan and Clean’ for free, as part of our New Year festivities. Its simplicity in use, high scanning speed and comprehensive protection, have all made it quite a rage among many home and office users, as we are getting a flood of requests for the software right now. I’m sure this new Vista compatible version will just add to these volumes,” observed Sunil Kripalani, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, MicroWorld Technologies.

The four key range of security products offered by MicroWorld Technologies are eScan, MailScan, X-Spam and eConceal.

The eScan range of products gives Real-Time AntiVirus and Content security for Enterprises as well as home users, combining reactive and proactive technologies. MailScan works as a powerful AntiVirus, AntiSpam and AntiPhishing solution for Mail Servers, which scans all internal and external mail traffic that flow through the mail gateway. The firewall solution from MicroWorld, eConceal, empowers you with a multi-layered Intrusion Detection and Prevention system with Application Level Filtering, Packet Level Filtering and Stealth Mode.


MicroWorld Technologies ( is the developer of the world’s most advanced AntiVirus, Content Security and Firewall software eScan, MailScan, and eConceal. MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) is the revolutionary technology that powers most of MicroWorld products enabling them to achieve several certifications and awards by some of the most prestigious testing bodies, notable among them being Virus Bulletin, Checkmark, TUCOWS, Red Hat Ready and Novell Ready.